Welcome to Much Ado About Sebastopol!

Enjoy a video clip created at Much Ado 2013 by one of our Sponsors, Bay Area Media Masters.
For a longer, more extensive clip, click here.

Much Ado About Sebastopol is run by the Sebastopol Educational Foundation and it's primary purpose is to raise much needed funds for enrichment programs at Park Side, Brook Haven and Analy High School in Sebastopol. Since our first Faire in 2010, we have raised over $125,000, benefitting all students in a variety of programs, including band/music, Spanish language instruction, drama, cheer/dance, sober graduation, educational field trips and more!

As a visitor to our Faire, wander around and interact with a myriad of "villagers" from 1578, make herbal soap or try your hand at weaving while listening to a wandering minstrel...enjoy some ice cold lemonade while watching the falcons and learning about their role in Renaissance farming, sit back and take in a short Shakespeare performance while feasting on a hearty, rustic lunch.

Come celebrate the Feast of St. Michael (Michaelmas) - when rents are due, wages are paid, and the crops have been gathered and stored for the coming Winter. It's time for the people of the little town of Fenford to relax and enjoy some well-earned recreation, while giving thanks for a bountiful harvest.

Queen Elizabeth has been out hunting with her courtiers, and her Master of Horse, Robert Dudley, The Earl of Leicester has arranged a surprise for her. He intends to lead her back to his manor by way of the celebration. Here she will join the revels of her loving subjects, and be entertained in their lusty, country fashion.

As a fundraiser, Much Ado About Sebastopol counts on the generosity of local, community-minded businesses for their support.  This year, we would like to thank our many supportive sponsors and we encourage you, our guests, to patronize all of these amazing businesses.   For a complete list, see 2014 Much Ado Sponsors.  Here are our Royalty, Nobility and Knight Sponsors for 2014:




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