Experience an exciting day of entertainment on our open-air stage, as well as the many activities throughout the Faire grounds! We celebrate the arts and culture of early-modern England with the music, theatre and dance of the time. Our acts are selected from those who best evoke the spirit of the age, and we are proud to feature many local performers, as well as those from the schools who benefit directly from this event.


The streets of our town are populated by the citizens of Fenford who invite you to join in our celebration, and observe the drama of their lives, which is so unlike, yet so very much like our own. Revel with the common folk, toast with the landed gentry, and cheer the arrival of Queen Elizabeth I and her dazzling court as portrayed by The Guild of St. George, Inc.


Enjoy song, humor, and dance with the Bella Donna Historical Performers, the lovely ladies of Venice. Try your hand at fencing with En Garde Fencing or watch Historical European martial arts & weapons demonstrations with St. Michael's Salle d'Armes.  You and your family simply can not miss watching the Merrie Pryanksters, traditional English country dancing, or The Stark Ravens with their comedic Elizabethan-styled theatre for the whole family!


2016 Performers

Apple Tree Morris - Celebrating the cycle of the seasons with traditional morris dance.

Bella Donna Historical Performers - Song by the lovely, lusty ladies of Venice.

St. Michael's Salle d'Armes - Historical European martial arts & weapons demonstrations.

The Stark Ravens - Comedic Elizabethan-styled theatre for the entire family.

Merrie Pryanksters and Berkeley Morris - Traditional English country dancing.

The River Choir - Renaissance madrigals.

Danse Macabre - Memento Mori parade.

Celtic Lurchers - An ancient breed of hound.

Winds of New Albion - Recorder consort.

Guild of St. Tibba's - Birds of prey and demonstrations of falconry.

En Garde Fencing - Education in the fine art of fencing.

Thistledown Folk Tales - Folk tales with puppets.

The Guild of St. George - Interactive environmental theatre; Queen Elizabeth I, her court, and the citizens of our mythical town of Fenford.

Brass Farthing - Raise a glass to merry song.

Piccolo Puppet Players - Traditional Punch and Judy mayhem, sponsored in part by the Great Dickens Christmas Fair.

Fly by Knight Players - Comedy troupe.

Dotter's Knot - Women's acapella singing group of close harmonies, haunting ballads, and bawdy sing-alongs.

St. Ambrose Acting Group - Period actors demonstrating interactions between members of a gentry household.

Knot Just Stories - Celtic myths, legends, stories and lies.

Plus juggling, puppetry, more music, more dancing, more!


If you would like to join our roster of period appropriate stage performances,

please e-mail entertainment.muchado@gmail.com.